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    Written by Alistair, Head of Application Support Services | 7 October, 2010

    What is Application support in a word? It is SERVICE; understand this and you appreciate what you deliver on a daily basis, how it is delivered is a separate issue discussed later in this blog.

    Application Support Analysts support I.T services delivered to users within an organisation/business that enable the required business processes that need execution in order for the business to be successful. By default it means we enable people to execute their responsibilities within their relevant business processes.

    As such we are dealing with people both on a business level and I.T level of understanding; we act as the technical point of contact to fix their application and systems issues, or incidents as they are known, that disrupt the service they depend upon. Remember these are production (live) issues and need immediate attention to resolve, they need us, we deliver that need in the form of a SERVICE.

    To do this Application Support Analysts need, in the first, excellent COMMUNICATION skills, both verbal and written, an acute understanding that other people within the business depend on us, and the realisation on how to respond that dependency via acknowledgement, updates and resolution.

    In achieving success in developing a career within Application Support, particularly with blue chip companies, the following attributes will contribute to that success:

    ➢    Communication skills & active listening
    ➢    Empathy with users
    ➢    Acceptance of ownership
    ➢    Patience and understanding
    ➢    Investigation & diagnostic skills (be like Sherlock Holmes)
    ➢    Language skills (in some cases)

    In terms of how these services are delivered naturally I.T ability is required. At a high level it is an understanding that it is Applications, which deployed within I.T systems, provide the technical face of the service the business requires.

    With this in mind, as an Application Support Analyst you need to demonstrate competent I.T literacy/ability around applications & systems. The FDM Academy Master class program will take your current technical knowledge and ability and increase it to commercial ability, with the core technical areas being databases & SQL, and operating system platforms such as UNIX/Solaris and/or Windows. Further capabilities will ensure success in building your Support Analyst career, and again these will be enhanced through the academy, these are as follows:

    ➢    Sufficient technical knowledge
    ➢    Business awareness
    ➢    Cultural awareness
    ➢    Service Awareness (ITIL)
    ➢    Investigation & diagnostic skills (be like Sherlock Holmes)
    ➢    Support tool knowledge

    Application Support is a challenging, dynamic and exciting career involved in delivering live I.T environments that enable businesses daily. Your view of I.T within business is holistic, from front to back, with many career path opportunities.

    Become an Application Support Analyst and be needed everyday!