The FDM IT Project Management Career Path – An Overview
  • Full-time job with FDM for at least two years
  • Training in project management tools and techniques 
  • Learn SQL, a standard language for accessing and manipulating databases
  • Become experienced in using MS Project
  • Strengthen your skills in data manipulation and presentation
FDM’s PMO Training

Our IT Project Management Office (PMO) career path includes training in project management tools and techniques, program and project support office essentials, business analysis, MS Project, as well as SQL, data manipulation and presentation using MS Excel. Through theoretical and practical methods, we will strengthen your technical knowledge, build your skill set and enhance your commercial awareness. The PMO training will lead you to become a Project/Business Analyst and represent FDM on site with one or more of our prestigious clients. 

The Project Analyst Career

IT Project Management involves the planning, management and execution of various technical endeavors, in order to meet the client’s exact needs. In order to work effectively towards specific requirements, you must build relationships and converse with senior management and colleagues. Flawless organization skills are key to ensuring the project meets objectives, does not overrun and is completed within budget. 

A successful Project Analyst will be both a team player and a leader, with broad technical knowledge as well as the ability to anticipate and overcome challenges. As an FDM Project Analyst, you can expect to work on assignments for one or more of our clients. As a representative of FDM, helping to achieve our clients’ specific business objectives should be your highest priority.

Becoming An FDM Project Analyst
  • The IT Project Management profession requires you to be organized, analytical and methodical 
  • You must have excellent teamwork ability, possess strong communication skills and be a confident decision maker
  • You will have a background in an IT, Business, Management or related discipline
  • Previous experience in a technical or business environment is desirable
  • Above all, you must possess excellent written and verbal 
  • English skills, be enthusiastic, willing to learn and continually strive for excellence

To apply to join the PMO training stream and become an FDM Project Analyst please click here.

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