.Net Development

The FDM .Net Development Career Path – An Overview
  • Full-time job with FDM for at least two years
  • Learn Microsoft C# within the .Net framework
  • Train in areas of the .Net framework including ADO.NET and ASP.NET
  • Be exposed to object-oriented design and programming
  • Access to FDM’s extensive Courseware Library
  • Gain valuable experience working on a consultancy basis with FDM’s prestigious clients
  • Potential to join the FDM Master Class Programme
FDM's .Net Development Training

C# provides a powerful, feature-rich language for developing applications using the .Net framework, which is a key component of Microsoft Windows, the most common operating system in use today. Features such as garbage collection, type safety and generics allow rapid development of applications for the desktop and the Internet.

The experienced FDM Trainers will introduce you to the C# language via training sessions, workshops and one-to-one mentoring, supported by FDM’s extensive Courseware Library. You will also be exposed to object-oriented design and programming, a key technique for developing high quality applications. Once you have attained a solid knowledge of the basics, you will work your way through modules focusing on different areas of the .Net framework, including ADO.NET and ASP.NET.

FDM Master Class Programme

As an extension to the FDM training, selected candidates from the .Net or Java Development course will be given the opportunity to embark on the FDM Master Class Programme. Candidates will complete a fully-funded distance learning MSc in Applied Computer Science from the University of Brighton whilst gaining valuable commercial experience, working on our prestigious client sites for three years.

The .Net Developer Career

Development offers a wide range of responsibilities and tasks so there is likely to be a variety roles available once your training has been completed. FDM aims to place you in a role that will utilise your strengths and in which you have the opportunity to excel. You may find yourself working on new projects as part of a development team, attending design meetings, liaising with clients/customers, writing, developing, testing and reviewing code.

Alternatively, you could be responsible for supporting existing applications. You will liaise with end users to fix defects, find solutions and test them. Also for any change requests you could have to investigate the feasibility of the request, communicate with the client and implement. Similarly, you may be asked to add additional functionality to existing applications by exploring, designing and implementing solutions upon gathering requirements.

Become An FDM .Net Developer
  • Successful candidates will either come from a Computer Science or IT related background or hold a degree in these areas. Disciplines that demand a similar methodology, such as Mathematics, Physics and Engineering will also be considered
  • A passion for technology and strong interest in the industry is essential, as this is a challenging career path
  • An analytical mind and a problem solving approach are desirable attributes and such candidates are likely to excel in IT development
  • Candidates should also have an awareness of, and a desire to keep up with, developments in the industry and new technologies

To apply to become an FDM .Net Developer please click here.

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