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  • IT Careers – Where Could FDM Take You?

    Written by Maree, Marketing Assistant | 19 October, 2011

    IT Careers with FDM Group

    FDM’s Graduate scheme enables fast-tracked career progression into the IT industry, through technical and professional skills development combined with commercial experience.  The training generally take 8-16 weeks to complete, after which you will begin an exciting journey as an FDM IT Consultant, working with some of the world’s most prestigious organisations.

    So what might you be doing once you’ve completed your training?  This differs according to which stream you train in and includes:

    IT Development

    In the development streams, you can specialise in either Sun Microsystems’ Java or Microsoft’s .NET technologies.  You could be working individually or as part of a software development team to design systems or write and implement complex code.  Career progression includes Senior Development, Systems Design or Technical Team Leader roles.  Developers in both technology sets are in very high demand, which reveals exciting opportunities working with our clients in a wide range of industries.

    Find out more about becoming a Java Software Developer or a .NET Developer

    Test Analysis

    As a Test Analyst, you will oversee the software development life cycle and critically examine user interfaces, scripts and processing code.  Working with the technical, commercial and end-user aspects of the software, you will be responsible for ensuring that the final software adheres to stringent quality assurance standards.  This career path requires analytical and technical skills, combined with diplomacy and a process-orientated, client-focused approach.  Career development options include Senior Tester, Test Team Leader, Quality Assurance Consultant, and Business Analyst roles.

    Find our more about becoming a FDM Software Test Analyst 

    Application Support

    In an Application Support Analyst role, you would typically work within large investment banks to solve technical and workflow issues relating to the software and systems that support key areas of the business, such as the trading floor.  You will be dealing directly with stock, risk, derivatives or futures traders, supporting the smooth running of critical business applications.  Career progression includes becoming a Support Team Leader or Trading Software Technical Specialist, building a strong career in investment banking systems.

    Find out more about becoming a FDM Application Suppport Analyst

    Infrastructure Analysis

    As an Infrastructure Analyst you will support, bolster and improve existing infrastructure arrangements for our clients.  You will be given the opportunity to undertake a wide variety of roles, ranging from Infrastructure Support on client sites, to being part of, or even leading, fully managed technical projects.  Typical assignments may consist of system updates and refreshes, server consolidation, migration and business as operational activities.  Primarily you will be responsible for supporting a robust infrastructure, key to organisational success for companies throughout the world.

    Find out more about becoming a FDM Infrastructure Analyst

    Project Management Office

    Project Management Office (PMO) is the heart of the delivery organisation.  As a Project Analyst you will be totally absorbed within the project life cycle, from project planning, to project scheduling, to risk analysis and project tracking.  Utilising industry processes and tools, you will ensure consistent management by overseeing the project portfolio and communicating with each customer to ensure project delivery.

    Find our more about becoming a FDM Project Managment Office Analyst

    Your FDM IT Career

    FDM’s clients span a range of industries internationally and include over half of the FTSE 100 companies.  Many of our clients have worked with us for over five years and some for more than a decade.  Once you have finished your training, you will work as an FDM Consultant for a minimum of two years.  Many consultants enjoy working in a number of client offices over that period, experiencing different challenges and a variety of work cultures.  At the end of the two years, you are free to explore the many options that have been opened up to you or opt, as many consultants do, to remain with FDM as a Senior IT Consultant.

    Interested in the FDM Academy Programme but still have some questions?  Check out our list of frequently asked questions, or feel free to post a question below.

    Keen to apply?  Visit our IT Careers page to upload your CV and apply to the FDM Academy Programme.